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Walkaround (Gaudi walks)

Walkaround (Gaudi walks)

We wanted to dedicate a complete “walkaround” post based on the works of Antoni Gaudi, but not only aregaudi there so many to cover in one day’s walk but they all deserve more than a mere walk-by. Most require a couple of hours to visit and one or two are located a fair walk from the city centre. So, here are a few walks which take in the Gaudi attractions and incorporate other interesting parts of the city….

Walk 1 – Sagrada Familia

Perhaps the most famous and controversial of the Gaudi landmarks, it remains a work-in-progress

sagrada-familia-1 since 1882 and was estimated to be only 15 – 25% completed when Gaudi died in 1926. This Roman Catholic basilica began life as Antoni Gaudi’s modernisme interpretation of a gothic church. It was consecrated for religious services in 2010 by Pope Benedict XVI. Due for completion in 2026, it will have a total of 18 spires and reflect as much of Gaudi’s original plans as has been possible to piece together. Want to read more?….

If you want to enter Sagrada we would advise booking in advance online as the queue can take hours, timed entry tickets are available which allow you to bypass the long queue ;)


Start at Metro Verdaguer and head north-east along Carrer de Provenca.….Sagrada Familia is no more than 5 blocks away.

MonumentalOnce you’ve taken in the magnificence of Sagrada make your way to the north-east face (the Nativity – the more worn looking side), this should be Carrer Marina. Head south-east along Marina, after 4 or 5 blocks you will arrive at the Arenas Monumental. This is the site of one of Barcelona’s bullfighting rings, thankfully now a museum and exhibition centre.

Continue south-east along Carrer Marina (the more eagle-eyed might spot the Torre Agbar off to the left – although better viewed at night) and after Carrer de Casp head south along Carrer Ribes, which is more of a cycle path than a street or road.

This will take you past Estacio del Nord bus station, behind which sits a arc-de-triomflittle park and green space. Continuing along Carrer Ribes brings you to Arc del Triomf Metro station and monument. Designed by Josep Vilaseca, it was created as the entrance to the first Universal Exposition of 1888.

gaudi fountainPass through the Arc and head south-east along Paseo de Lluís Companys and into Parc de la Ciutadella….oh wow!! what a place! Want to see some life? Want to see how a park should be used? Here you’ll find so much….museums, the city zoo, a tropical plant house, the Catalan parliament building, monuments, sculptures, a church, children’s playareas, a boating lake, a stone mammoth and the stunning Gaudi cascade fountain topped with the golden horse drawn chariot of Aurora and featuring the birth of Venus. It’s our favourite spot in the city to relax, meet family and friends, picnic and pass a beautiful sunny day, come join us!!

Had enough?!? or do you want some more?…..well, “you do have to make your way back to your RentBCN Mercat_del_Bornapartment.….exit the park by the south corner, close to the zoo entrance. Head south-west along Marques de l’Argentera with Montjuic mountain in view, then take the first right into Carrer del Comerç. Here you will come across the Mercat del Born,  originally built in the 1870s. It fell into disuse in the 1970s and 80s. In 2002 work began to install a library within the building only for workers to discover archaeological remains of medieval times dating back to the 14th century. Since then the Catalan government have declared the site as a cultural asset of national interest and it is now fully restored as a cultural centre where the exposed medieval ruins can be experienced. A must see!

Exit Mercat del Born back into Carrer Comerç heading north-west, this will bring you to the Chocolate museum, you might be tempted to treat yourself here after such a long walk ;)

Continuing along Carrer de Comerç brings you back to Passeig de Lluis Companys and the Arc de Triomf. Passing under the Arc again, head north-west along Passeig de Sant Joan. After 4 blocks pass through Plaça de Tetuan and then after another 6 blocks you arrive where you began, at Metro Verdaguer.

Exhausted?! You should be! You are now back in the Gràcia district and close to your apartment. We suggest you freshen-up, eat well and take fully advantage of your relaxing and comfortable RentBCN apartment.


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Formula 1 GP 2015 race track Montmelo

8th – 10th May 2015
F1 Formula 1 Barcelona GP 2015
Circuit de Catalunya race track Montmelo

circuit-de-catalunya-barcelona The 5th round of the most exciting, exhilarating and biggest sports of all     comes to Cataluña, the Formula 1 Grand Prix. The world’s most technical   and fastest sport makes its annual visit to Spain where Lewis Hamilton,Nico Rosberg, Fernando Alonso and company will fight it out for pole position and ultimate victory. Our RentBCN staff will be eagerly following   the whole event, through practice, qualifications then finally the race.

Get that feeling of having taken the Chequered Flag in 1st place, by booking with RentBCN



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Primavera Sound 2015 Barcelona

28th – 30th May 2015primavera1
Primavera Sound 2015 Barcelona (music festival)  


El Parc del Fòrum – Barcelona

One of the year’s biggest festivals is coming up soon in Barcelona, Spring is well underway which means it’s time for Primavera Sound 2015. Check out the line-up of artists for this year’s event. For more detailed information go to the website.


When you’ve booked your Primavera Sound ticket why not book the ideal apartment for your stay, with RentBCN

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